Pott Dortmund Hörde Spottlight Ruhrgebiet Gedicht Poem'

Ein Ausdruck unserer Liebe

Tach, ihr Lieben! Wie wäre es mal mit etwas richtig Kreativem? Jaaa, das sind wir manchmal auch. Und zwar in Form eines Gedichts, das unserem lieben Ruhrpott gewidmet ist. Na gut … Ich hab’s für einen Englisch-Kurs an der Uni geschrieben. Aber weil’s so gut ankam, wollte ich das unbedingt mit euch teilen. Als Wort zum Sonntag sozusagen. Mehr gibt’s an dieser Stelle auch nicht zu sagen – außer: viel Spaß und euch allen eine schöne Woche!

Pott Dortmund Hörde Spottlight Ruhrgebiet Gedicht PoemRUHRGEBIET POEM
(inspired by Tom Wayman’s DETROIT POEM)

A Ruhrgebiet poem has to be multifaceted:
like the all the people living there.
People who were born in in Hagen, Hamm, Hattingen and Herne.
People who came here from Turkey, Togo or Thailand.
People who have found their home at this place.
People who do not want to live anywhere else
in those big cities with an apparently fascinating glow, but no personality.

People with a distinctive character being indigenous and honest,
also loquacious and having a genial disposition.
People who are unconventional and in most of the cases no in-crowds.
People who see the beauty of messy places in Ruhrgebiet
that those from outside often do not see.

The poem must include images
that are evocative of the remains of iron manufacture:
those places which seem to be so quiet and dead,
but at the same time transmit the hard work in the past and a lot of power.
Places that tell a lot about the diligent people living here.
That exactly is the magic of the Ruhrgebiet
people will notice even if they were not born here –
but sooner or later will fall in love with this place.

People who had a negative view on Ruhrgebiet,
but cannot elude from the special feeling:
from soccer fans, who celebrate every single goal together,
from all those different cultures, which collide, but also match,
from cosmopolitanism and that huge collective –
just from a region that is unique.

The poem must come along with connected sentences
like the A40, which joins nearly all the cities in the Pott.
Cities which seem to be so dingy and grubby,
which form an agglomeration, but all have their own charm:
refreshment stands on every corner,
people chilling there and drinking a cold beer out of the bottle,
eating chips with mayo and ketchup.
People who just come together and feel home.

The poem must include words
that are hearty and heartwarming,
but at the same time brutally honest.
Words that may sound abrasive,
but come out of an amicable mouth.
Words that may not be agreeable to the usual orthography,
but are just like the Ruhrgebietler: free-spirited, individual and loveable.

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